Visiting San Francisco? Learn about the average room cost and your options

August 25, 2017

      Are you on a trip to San Francisco? Do you want to stay there for a while and are looking for the option that you have? Well, if yes, then you should keep on reading this article. Here, we will let you know about the average room cost in San Francisco and some options that you may like.

There are countless people that tend to visit San Francisco. People come here to study, to spend their holidays and most of all, to do business. It is the heart of technology industry with companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple operating from this region. Moreover, with some top notch universities in the area, it is no surprise that students from far off places come here to study. No matter for what reason you are coming to this area, you are likely to be in need of accommodation. So, here are the cost per room and apartment in San Francisco and a few choices that you have in your hands.


Room Cost in San Francisco


     There are different types of accommodation that you can have in this area. Your choice largely depends on how much you have in your pocket and what are some of the facilities that you prefer. Big guns with a lot of money on hand are likely to be staying in luxury hotels while others may opt to stay in small apartments or shared houses. 

    An apartment with a single room in the area will cost you somewhere around $1000 to $3000. The variation in cost depends on various factors. The location you opt and the facilities that come along with the apartment are two of the most significant, things that impact the price. Moreover, in case you wish to know about two bedroom apartments, the price will be somewhere between $3000 to $6000 or even more.


What are some of the living options available?


     Almost all sorts of living options are available to you in the area. Whether it be the hotel rooms, personal apartments, rental rooms or shared living, everything is available to you. 

Which is accommodation option popular?

     The most popular option of living in this area is the co-living. Although many of you may not like it but the truth is that more and more people opt for co-living in San Francisco while they are on a business trip or when they come here for study. However, this does not suppress the fact that the private living options are also available. But the community living is always preferable and is trending in the area.


Why is coliving in San Francisco?


    There are two types of co-living that are practiced in the region. First of all, the common one in which students, workers, and other people live together. The second is living along the entrepreneurs and businessmen. Here, we will discuss the benefits to each option.


Simple co-living

    This type of living means that you are not giving a lot of importance to who is living along with you. Whether it be a student, a worker, a businessman, or anyone else, you just look forward to staying together and share the house. The advantages of such living are:

•    You get a chance to share the resources. It lowers the economic burden on you. You look forward to the taxes, facilities, and maintenance altogether. 

•    It helps in reducing the environmental footprint.

•    You get a chance to maintain independence.

•    Both privacy and companionship are there. You can have a private room for yourself, and when you like, you can also have a cup of coffee with the ones living alongside.

•    Just like a family, you get a chance to involve each member living in the house and take a joint decision on the matters that involve your stay place.

•    You get your hands onto the equity retention.

•    The shares are individually saleable.

•    One of the greatest benefits of living in a community is that it promotes healthy longevity.


Staying with entrepreneurs


Now, coming towards the other type of co-living, here you get a chance to stay with the entrepreneurs. It is of huge benefit of a person as:

•    You get a chance to sit along businessmen and have words of wisdom from them.

•    Explore their struggle and success story and get a motivation for yourself.

•    A good idea is just a dinner away from you. Arrange a dinner or even a tea party and invite your house members in order to have a healthy discussion. 

•    You get to explore their networks and here you can find people that have resources, knowledge, and links, and can help you with your work.

•    Talk to them, and you may come up with a solution to your problem.

•    Get guidance in important aspects of business.

•    Learn about the market and strategies that can help you in growing.

•    Living with a diverse range of age group allows you to take a look at life with different perspectives. It develops you as a person.

•    Get a boost for your personality and character as a businessman.

•    You may be able to find a partner that is interested in making an investment on your ideas so that both of you can benefit from it.


Final words


So, these are some benefits of co-living in San Francisco with entrepreneurs and with common people. However, do note that it is not the only option that you have and many people consider co-living as a struggle. Some may also see it as a place where they are unable to get privacy and private space as people are around them almost all the time. But we all know that to everything in this world there are pros and cons. In case that you decide against such living, you have other options that include staying at Hotel, in private apartments and getting a house on rent. All these options will require a decent amount of money from your pocket. And with additional luxuries, the cost will only rise.


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