I, ____________________, am signing this Membership Agreement to become a member of the startup community HacknSleep. (hereinafter “Hack&Sleep” or “HacknSleep” or Hack and Sleep”) of startupers, engineers, designers and etc. Hereby I agree to its internal rules and agree to pay membership fees.
I agree and understand that I can stay in HacknSleep locations (offices and houses), use co-working, rooms and common spaces if I comply with the house rules and all other members accept me in the community. Otherwise I will be be refunded excluding the days when my membership was active.
As a member of HacknSleep community I am eligible to use services provided by HacknSleep community at any of its locations and when using those locations I must comply with the rules written below:
Upon payment of membership fee I get the access to:
Free workspace
Free wifi access
Access to the kitchen and cookware
Access to the events that are held on all HacknSleep locations
Free accommodation at any HacknSleep locations (based on availability)
The right to invite business partners for corporate meetings during working hours (9am-5pm) with the admins’ prior permission.
Organize events and meet-ups that help to promote and develop member’s product or company.
Taking part in creating professional and fun community of startupers.
Mentorship exchange on mutual agreement between members.
Networking with all the members of the community.
HacknSleep is not responsible for any of my personal lost or stolen items. There is street parking only and I am the only one who’s responsible for my car.
As a member of the startup community HacknSleep, I agree to respect the internal rules of the community at any location:
Extend my membership 7 days before start date.
Respect other members of the community
Respect every location I visit
For any reason I am not present during the active membership in any of the HacknSleep community locations, HacknSleep do not issue refunds for unused services. This applies to traveling during the active membership period (in some cases community manager may give an exception).
Request for membership extension must be submitted 14 days prior the final day of the membership (in some cases community manager may give an exception)
If I cancel my membership before it expires I will be charged for the next 7 days an early cancellation fee.

I understand and agree that I must leave the premises of HacknSleep after the membership ехpiration, termination or cancellation, unless my membership is extended.

Signature of the payee: ______________________ Date: ______________

  • HacknSleep is a membership based startup community where young professionals can live, work and network.

    Our partners provide co-living guests houses.

    Membership starts from $40/day.

  • No time spending

    Fully equipped houses

    No money spending

    Staring from $40/day

    No credit checks and terms

    Apply>Pay>Move in

  • Miriam


  • We decided not to waste our company's money on extremely expensive rent in San Francisco, became Hacknsleep members and booked a guest house.

    Stayed there for 4 months while being part of batch16 in the 500 Startup acceleration program.

    The place was nice and clean. Great location, it was super easy to get to the 500 startup office and all other startup events in the city.

    House managers are flexible if you need to leave the city for a week or two.